Facility Managers
Save time, money and energy while creating a healthier workplace and a green environment.

If you are responsible for the maintenance and care of hospitals, clinics, hotels, resorts, schools, office complexes, sports arenas or convention centers, we know the appearance of your building environment is important to you. HomeCare products for clean and healthy environments can help you make a great first impression with our full line of professional-grade vacuum bags, filters and belts.

Therefore, make sure you ask your cleaning company or Janitorial/Sanitation distributor to use the
MICRO-LINED® COMMERCIAL™ brand of vacuum bags, filters and belts that have been developed to provide green cleaning and sustainable product solutions with minimal environmental impact. These high-efficiency vacuum bags and vacuum filters maximize productivity by providing superior filtration during vacuuming. Superior filtration eliminates more dirt and dust on floors, in carpets and in the air. The result is more effective cleaning with minimal dusting, less rework and a healthier environment for both your workers and the building’s occupants.

HomeCare has served the Floor Care Industry for over 50 years with a reputation for value-added programs, superior quality and unsurpassed customer service. HomeCare is committed to saving time, money and energy, as well as, green cleaning and sustainability. The Company is a member of [ISSA®] and is also a member of the New Jersey U.S. Green Building Council [(USBGC)] chapter. HomeCare’s Floor Care accessory products are consistent with the cleaning and maintenance best practices outlined in [LEED®] Existing Building Operations and Maintenance guidelines.

HomeCare’s professional-grade products guarantee outstanding cleaning results and end-user satisfaction. Our catalog includes a full line of replacement accessories for the leading commercial vacuums.

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