Vacuum Cleaner Belts

Vacuum cleaner belts are a critical part of a vacuum’s efficient operation. Their purpose is to drive the “sweep roller.” Studies have shown that the “agitation” from the sweep roller in loosening deep down particles, which in turn enables them to be “sucked” into the vacuum so they are permanently removed from the carpet, represents 70% of the vacuum’s effectiveness.

There are many varieties and sizes of belts to fit numerous vacuum brands and models manufactured. The three types of belts are round, flat and cogged. Vacuum machine manufacturers generally design the machine with a specific style of belt to work with their choice of motor.

Therefore, at HomeCare, we take great care in using only the finest materials and processes to produce belts to withstand the variety of machine applications and deliver on two key benefits:

  1. Performance (based upon best tension)
  2. Durability

Importantly, we are one of the largest suppliers of vacuum belts in North America and provide them to almost every manufacturer’s vacuum machines. The belts are sold under several different brand names and at many retail outlets throughout the U.S. and Canada.