HomeCare supplies, manufactures or markets vacuum accessories for almost every vacuum manufacturer brand, and is the largest replacement vacuum accessory provider in North America. We provide high quality replacement vacuum bags, belts and filters under Licensed Brands (Honeywell), Proprietary Brands as well as Private Label products for many of the largest retailers throughout North America.

HomeCare was established in 1959 manufacturing vacuum bags for OEM (original equipment manufacturers). HomeCare has manufactured vacuum bags and filters for the following OEM manufacturers:

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In the 1970’s, HomeCare started selling a line of replacement bags and belts in retail and in 1981, HomeCare bought Modern Dust Bag resulting in the onset of replacement vacuum filters to the product line.

HomeCare expanded its retail presence in 2005 by supplying, manufacturing and marketing replacement vacuum bags, belts, filters and steam mop pads across several classes of trade under a licensing agreement with Honeywell International, Inc. In 2010, and through a licensing arrangement with The Procter & Gamble Company, HomeCare added the FebrezeTM deep cleaning carpet, rug and upholstery formulas for deep cleaning machines that began with national distribution in Walmart and subsequent distribution into grocery, hardware and other trade classes across the U.S. and Canada.