Join The HomeCare “Independent Retailer Activation Program” (IRAP)

HomeCare is committed to helping independent retailers prosper and grow their business through our 6-Point HomeCare “Independent Retailer Activation Program” (IRAP):

  1. HomeCare drives traffic to your stores from search traffic to our website via our zip code based store locator. All you need to do is sign up to be a participating retailer in the IRAP program. (See Zip Code Based Store Locator)
  2. HomeCare customizes our product directory with your logo to help you and your customers find the right product with our directory link to your website (they only see your store name nothing but product from HCI). Note that if you do not have a website you can use our generic micro-site with your logo on it to function as your own website.
    (See Customized Product Link Directory
  3. HomeCare’s exclusive Independent Retailer product line allows you to charge a premium price based upon HCI’s 50 years of experience and award winning innovation in floor care products that has:
    • Superior cleaning capability and durability
    • Superior filtration that blocks out allergens from escaping into the air
    • Cleaner, healthier air quality and environment for your customers'homes
    (See HCI Exclusive Product Line/Packaging)
  4. MicroLined (DVC) product line’s superior packaging makes your store look more like the high end specialty store it is to your high end customers, and it aids customers in finding the right product.
    (See HCI Exclusive Product Line/Packaging
  5. HomeCare Provides superior service to your distributors so you receive our products ASAP. This is made possible by manufacturing and distribution facilities in the US employing over 200 Americans.
    (See Superior Service)
  6. The HomeCare Independent Retailer Forum allows you to communicate with other independent retailers to help each other with questions, tips, advice etc.
    (See Forum)