MicroLined DVC
HomeCare’s premium MicroLined product line of vacuum bags, filters and belts is exclusively made for the 5,000 plus independent retailers around the US for their upscale clientele looking for the highest quality products for clean and healthy homes, as well as, superior customer service.

HomeCare’s innovative Micro-Liner® micro-filtration bags are-2 ply and capture 99.7% of mold, pet dander, dust mite debris and pollen particles. In fact, when compared to typical bags from the vacuum cleaner manufacturer, Micro-Lined bags have almost 3 times better filtration efficiency:

Additionally, we designed the upscale Micro-Lined packaging to help customers find the right product for their needs as quickly as possible.

MicroLined Commerical
HomeCare’s premium MicroLined Commercial product line of vacuum bags, filters and belts designed exclusively for the needs of the Janitorial / Sanitation market in servicing the needs of their business customers.

MicroLined Commercial technology helps you save time, money and energy with the following benefits:

  • Tri-lingual packaging – English, Spanish and French
  • Bag styles clearly indicated on packaging and bag
  • Superior filtration can reduce the need for dusting and results in better indoor air quality
  • Slow dust loading maintains peak machine performance as the bag fills with debris and allows you to replace bags less often saving you time and money.