May 24, 2013

Assets of Home Care Industries Aquired

La Crosse, VA, May 24, 2013 – An affiliate of ZHF (USA), Inc. (“ZHF”) has acquired substantially all of the U.S.-based assets of Home Care Industries, Inc. ZHF is an Ohio-based, floor care and filtration industry supplier. Home Care Industries, Inc. has ceased its operations. Effective with the asset acquisition, ZHF has renamed the company Home Care Products LLC (“Home Care”). Included in the acquisition were the La Crosse, Virginia (160,000 sq. ft.) and Oxford, North Carolina (135,000 sq. ft.) facilities. Home Care intends to remain in both locations.

HomeCare will resume and rebuild operations to again occupy the industry’s leadership position. It manufactures and sells replacement floor care accessories, such as disposable vacuum cleaner bags, HEPA filters, belts, air freshening and odor absorption products, and cleaning solutions. Home Care will supply original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and will market and distribute its customer-branded and private label products in all other channels.

Home Care will be able to take advantage of the largest North American manufacturing platform as well as ZHF’s Asian and other global supply relationships. According to co-owner and industry veteran Mark Howard, “We will be able to offer our customers the best price-value combinations, the highest quality, and the most consistent supply availability. This acquisition and the opportunity it creates will likely never be duplicated in the industry and our partners will derive tremendous long-term benefit from it.” Home Care has already begun rehiring many key, previously-employed staff members, who are intimately familiar with its products, manufacturing, and customers.

Terms of the sale were not disclosed.

About HomeCare

Originally founded in 1959, Home Care Industries, Inc. had been the premier supplier of replacement floor care accessories and filtration products, used in a wide variety of vacuum cleaners and other floor cleaning devices. It was previously headquartered in Clifton, New Jersey. In 2011, it relocated most of its manufacturing operations as well as management to La Crosse, Virginia, near its other facility in Oxford, North Carolina.