Vacuum Accessory Leadership
Leadership through consumer and industrial user input:
HomeCare initiates and embraces consumer and industrial user comments on product design and quality, and applies these insights to develop the highest quality products to continually satisfy their needs. This input is collected from a variety of sources including direct consumer research and comments to our customer support center, as well as, feedback from retailers, distributors and industrial customers.
Leadership through innovation:

While constantly striving for premiere high quality products, Home Care Industries has been the innovator in a range of product features now considered common place in the industry. For instance, our vacuum filters range from conventional non-woven die-cut filters to highly sophisticated "mini-pleated" HEPA filters.

As the replacement vacuum bag and filter supplier of choice for vacuum cleaner manufacturers, HomeCare has set new standards of performance for filtration efficiency and allergen control with innovations like Micro-Liner® micro-filtration bags. In addition, innovations like the Clean-Seal® Closure Collar have made vacuum bag disposal more user friendly.

In total, Home Care Industries has had 16 United States and Foreign Issued patents.
Leadership through customer service:

HomeCare manufactures vacuum cleaner bags, belts & filters for leading retailers in the U.S. and Canada. With the broadest range of products available, we understand the importance of providing the right products, in the right packages, at the right price, in the right configuration, on time, every time. Our systems and processes are as sophisticated and quality controlled as our production process. The result is an enviable track record supported by long term relationships, many as exclusive private label suppliers, for some of the world’s largest retailers. Some have even given us awards such as:

  • ACE Hardware – Outstanding Performance In Quick response
  • Dirt Devil – Supplier Partner of the Year - Paper Filtration Bags:
    outstanding Quality, Delivery, Engineering Support and Service 3 years in a row.
Leadership through licensed products:

At times the image of a nationally recognized brand name and the equities that are associated with it can help our customers serve their consumers or industrial customers better.